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Taking a Picture in Time

When you are going through the process of purchasing a new home, nothing is more important than your knowledge of the true condition of the property you are considering. Candid Home Inspection Service has provided over 14,000 families in the Greater St. Louis area with quality, comprehensive inspections to arm them with the details they need to decide with confidence.  We take pride in our ability to communicate our findings in a way that keeps everything in perspective and leaves our clients feeling empowered with the knowledge of the next steps to take.  As ASHI-Certified Inspectors with over 20 years of experience, you can count on Candid Home Inspection Service to deliver top-notch customer service as well as an accurate, detailed inspection report.


User-Friendly Inspection Reports–Accessible from Anywhere!

When you hire Candid Home Inspection Service for your inspection needs, you will receive a cutting edge digital inspection report with 24 hours of the inspection, delivered through a password protected login from your computer or mobile device.  Having to download large files and worry about potential email viruses are a thing of the past. Our reports are accompanied with detailed descriptions of all the specific elements of the home, annotated high-resolution photos, and even video when necessary!

As former teachers, we know the best way to educate you about the condition of the components of a property in layman’s terms so that our clients will understand, even if they have no previous knowledge about construction practices.  We explain our findings to you in person, and also invite you to contact us if future questions about your home arise. Once we have inspected your home, you can think of us as consultants no matter how much time has passed. Our family is honored to help your family become the most informed homeowners you can be.


Making Requests Simple with CRLTM

Our digital inspection reports include access to a useful tool called Create Request List™.  Buyers and Agents can generate a request list for the seller with just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the screen–no more searching through the entire inspection report and copy/pasting! The CRL allows you to choose repair, replace, request compensation, or leave as is for all the items in the summary report, and all parties can work from the same list. Realtors report that this feature saves time and simplifies the negotiation process of the transaction.